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TCFF Award Winner Sues Major EDM Star

Max Hattler, creator of the award-winning short All Rot, has filed a lawsuit against Lorin Ashton - AKA Bassnectar. The lawsuit deals with the use of some of

CCDC’s Little Pieces

Little Pieces Memory is incomplete. A puzzle. Every experience, every treasured relationship, they’re pieces. And throughout our lives, we search for missing pieces – in ourselves, in

TC Personalities

China’s Foreign Dream Boy

Roberto Gilabert Cuenca is a Spanish actor that plays the role of Dr. Hattem (马海德), one of the main stars of the show 'History Will


Nature Trips That Will Leave You Speechless

Oftentimes no words can ever capture the beauty of Mother Nature. Here are some countries with the most diverse landscapes that will leave you awe


Growing up in different cultures exposes you to different tastes. If you choose to become a chef you can get to incorporate those cultures in your