“Worrying Signs” After Brexit

Shortly after the United Kingdom voted to leave the European Union, Twitter and Facebook were not just flooded with shock and grief. Another reaction started

A Brexit Guide for Third Culture Kids

So, June 23 is the big day. After months of speculation, bickering, outright racism, and misinformation, the UK people will vote on whether or not

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Damned Either Way

Columnist A. Miller-Draper talks about The Chilcot Report “We’re gonna drain the Ay-rab swamp,” - that memorable and rather graphic phrase, employed by one of President

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TCFF Award Winner Sues Major EDM Star

Max Hattler, creator of the award-winning short All Rot, has filed a lawsuit against Lorin Ashton - AKA Bassnectar. The lawsuit deals with the use of some of

CCDC’s Little Pieces

Little Pieces Memory is incomplete. A puzzle. Every experience, every treasured relationship, they’re pieces. And throughout our lives, we search for missing pieces – in ourselves, in